Slide Alto Piano offers a full range of services for the art world. We constantly work on documentation projects and films about artists and exhibitions.
Alto Piano is fully equiped to bring together everything you need to communicate an art event.


The Unexpected Subject // Frigoriferi Milanesi

Kader Attia // Reflecting memory // Galleria Continua

Antony Gormley // Co-Ordinate // Galleria Continua

Pittura Analitica // Galleria Mazzoleni

Joseph Kosuth // Colour in Contextual Play // Galleria Mazzoleni

Joseph Kosuth // Neon in Contextual Play // Galleria Mazzoleni

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov // Solo Show

Cildo Meireles // Q&A // Galleria Continua

Daniel Buren // Una Cosa Tira L’altra, Lavori In Situ E Situati, 1965-2015 // Galleria Continua

Jannis Kounellis // Re Di Picche // Galleria Continua