Marinella Senatore

Ornellaia Vendemmia d'Artista 2021 “La Generosità”

Photography, Video, Documentation
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Artist Marinella Senatore at Tenuta Ornellaia (2024)

Marinella Senatore Vendemmia d'Artista Ornellaia

Presentation of “La Generosità”, the character of Ornellaia 2021

Teaser for the Presentation of the character of Ornellaia 2021

Photography: Agostino Osio
Photo Editing: Marco Dabbicco
Direction: Matteo Frittelli
Art Direction: Caterina Ghio
Camera: Alessandro Passamonti, Fabrizio Farroni
Video Editing: Cristel Girotto, Fabrizio Farroni
Video Editing Assistant: Sathya Piatto
Color: Filippo Prestinari

About the project

Ornellaia 2021, the 16th edition of Vendemmia d’Artista, is characterized by “La Generosità,” symbolizing the rich interplay between land, diverse ecosystems, and the vibrant energy of the people crafting the wine. This concept is brought to life by Marinella Senatore, a versatile Italian artist with a background in music, fine arts, and film. Known for her participatory and socially engaging approach, Senatore’s work often intertwines aesthetic exploration with the transformative potential of collective action and traditional cultural forms. For Ornellaia 2021, she utilized collage techniques to encapsulate the multifaceted relationship between the land, its generosity, and the influences shaping the wine. Each label, from the 750ml bottles to the larger 3- and 6-litre bottles, and the mercury-free neon sculpture for the 9-litre bottle, reflects these dynamic interactions, highlighting the land’s unique character and the cosmic energy contributing to the wine’s essence.