Vendemmia D'artista

Joseph Kosuth

Ornellaia 2020 “La Proporzione”

Photography, Video, Documentation
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Artist Joseph Kosuth in his studio (Venice, 2023)

Joseph Kosuth Vendemmia d'Artista Ornellaia
Joseph Kosuth Vendemmia d'Artista Ornellaia

Presentation of “La Proporzione”, the character of Ornellaia 2020

Photography: Agostino Osio
Photo Editing: Marco Dabbicco
Direction: Matteo Frittelli
Camera: Alessandro Passamonti, Fabrizio Farroni
Video Editing: Cristel Girotto, Filippo Prestinari, Gustė Jurgaitytė
Color: Filippo Prestinari
Creativity: Caterina Ghio
Year: 2023

About the project

Joseph Kosuth, a prominent figure in Conceptual Art, challenges traditional art norms by questioning definitions and methods. His focus on language delves into cultural complexities visually, asserting that art is a tautology representing the artist’s wishes. Emphasizing the ideational dimension, he utilizes linguistic devices like quotations and contradictions. Kosuth’s project on Ornellaia 2020 “La Proporzione”, the 15th edition of Vendemmia d’Artista, explores the word “vino” across Indo-European languages, revealing unity in linguistic transformations. This exploration, juxtaposed with a Vitruvius quote, completes the grammatical circle of proportion. The concepts unfold in a project evolving from a 750 ml label to larger formats.