Osvaldo Borsani. Portrait of a forward thinking mind

Direction: Matteo Frittelli
Camera:  Gabrio Bellotti
Video editing: Andrea Favia
Assistant: Matteo Barra, Filippo di Molfetta, Gioele Frittelli, Ginevra Gatti, Jacopo Nocentini
Production: Archivio Osvaldo Borsani and Norman Foster Foudation
Photography: Agostino Osio
Photo editing: Marco Dabbicco
Year: 2018

On the occasion of the monographic exhibition devoted to Osvaldo Borsani at La Triennale di Milano, curated and designed by Norman Foster and Tommaso Fantoni, Alto Piano was in charge to create a documentary about the great architect and designer. The film, included into the exhibition itinerary, attempt to describe a more intimate portrait of Osvaldo Borsani, joining archive footage and interviews, focusing also on his personal approach and the influence of his works in the world of design.