Massimo Bartolini | Films

The relationship between the artist Massimo Bartolini and the director Matteo Frittelli is consolidated in the years, becoming a repeated practice, a nourishment for a deep friendship.

Massimo Bartolini

Project: Massimo Bartolini | Film
Director: Matteo Frittelli

Massimo Bartolini | Four Organs | Fondazione Merz

July 2017, Turin

Alto Piano has documented the Massimo Bartolini solo show at Fondazione Merz.
The artist has always been a mediator in the interaction between space and spectator, working on a perceptive and experiential level. His work, expressed in a wide variety of media and techniques, of artificial and natural materials, creates sensory situations by interweaving sounds, images and light effects.

Director and editor: Matteo Frittelli | Audio recording: Andrea Favia | Camera: Fabrizio Farroni  | Production: Ragle Gum

Massimo Bartolini | Black Circle Square | Castrop Rauxel

2016, Castrop-Rauxel

This short film is about the Massimo Bartolini’s performative sculpture named Black Circle Square, that serves as the water reservoir of the Fire Department of Castrop Rauxel. This artwork was commissioned for Emscherkunst 2016.

The film has received first prize at Now You See Me festival, Louvre, Paris in 2017.

Project: Massimo Bartolini | Black Circle Square | Director and editor: Matteo Frittelli | Camera: Matteo Frittelli, Fabrizio Farroni | Assistant: Gioele Frittelli | Production: Ragle Gum

Massimo Bartolini | Museo Marino Marini

 2015, Florence
The museum Marino Marini inaugurates the exhibition program of 2015, with the Massimo Bartolini’s personal, curated by Alberto Salvadori. The artist created a work based on a research over the sculpture in time.

Project: Massimo Bartolini | Museo Marino Marini | Director: Matteo Frittelli | Camera: Matteo Frittelli, Fabrizio Farroni | Editor: Andrea Favia

UNTITLED (WAVE) | dOCUMENTA 13 | Massimo Bartolini

February 2013

A short video about Massimo Bartolini installation at dOCUMENTA 13 curated by Carolyn Christov Bakargiev.

Project: UNTITLED (WAVE) – dOCUMENTA 13 – Massimo Bartolini | Curator: Carolyn Christov Bakargiev | Director: Matteo Frittelli | Camera assistant: Fabrizio Farroni

Massimo Bartolini | BASEMENTS | Galleria Massimo De Carlo

2011, Milan

As usual, this exhibition talks about the conciliation of the opposites and of the leftovers generated by this operation that should, in the end, hopefully produce meaning.The show develops in the three rooms of the gallery.

Project: Massimo Bartolini | BASEMENTS | Director: Matteo Frittelli | Assistant: Fabrizio Farroni | client:

Massimo Bartolini | Sala F | Biennale di Venezia 2009

2009, Venice

A short documentary about Sala F, a Massimo Bartolini installation – Biennale di Venezia, 2009.
Massimo Bartolini has been asked to designs the educational centre for the new Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, which will become a permanent centre for activities.

Director: Matteo Frittelli | Client: La Biennale d’arte di Venezia

Massimo Bartolini | Organi | Galleria Massimo De Carlo

October 2008, Milan

Massimo Bartolini, for this exhibition works on the combination scaffolding-organ. Scaffolding gives the sensation to fly without wings, the impression to climb up to the sky. Also the music of organ is made for climbing to the sky, or to sink under earth. Organ and scaffolding have in common something: they extend both to the verticality.


Project: Massimo Bartolini – Organi | Director: Matteo Frittelli | Client: Galleria Massimo De Carlo

Massimo Bartolini | Anche oggi niente | Maxxi

February 2008, Rome

The artist created an illuminated installation titled 25 april 1936. The work is composed by 250 neon lamps, that create the sentence ” anche oggi niente” that means “also today nothing”. During the performance on the 12th of February twelve lamps were broken on the floor from the scaffolding, creating a  stars rain in an artificial San Lorenzo night: the survived lights create the final sentence.

Project: Massimo Bartolini | Anche oggi niente – Maxxi | Director: Matteo Frittelli