Marta Spagnoli


Galleria Continua

Videography, Interview, Documentation
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Direction: Matteo Frittelli
Camera: Fabrizio Farroni, Alessandro Passamonti
Video Editing: Fabrizio Farroni
Post Production: Alessandro Passamonti
Year: 2020

About the exhibition

Whiteout is the title of Marta Spagnoli’s solo show that the young artist has conceived for her debut at Galleria Continua, and which presents us with a world poised between reality, myth and dream. The exhibition consists of a series of unpublished works resulting from the artist’s exploration as it has developed over the past two years: canvases of various sizes, drawings on paper and mixed techniques on different supports which, through a mythopoeic language, rework fragments of shapes and figures, handing them back to us as sedimented traces of an imaginary that considers the places and symbols of our history.