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Marco Bagnoli

Noli Me Tangere

Casa del Pontormo

Videography, Documentation

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Videography, Documentation

Direction: Matteo Frittelli
Assistant: Fabrizio Farroni
Year: 2014

About the exhibition

It is not a good heir who protects the treasure freely received by his ancestors in the darkness of a room, but rather he who puts into practice the virtues that made possible the constitution of that same treasure. From this suggestion – expressed by Antonio Natali, Director of the Uffizi and curator of the exhibition Pontormo and his entourage in the lands of Empoli with Cristina Gelli – the idea was to combine the work of the famous painter in a journey through time Jacopo Carucci, known as Pontormo from Empoli, and that of the artists who had in him a model to follow, up to those who today, like Marco Bagnoli, in the same territory collects his legacy. A brave mix of past and present.