Joseph Kosuth // Neon in Contextual Play // Galleria Mazzoleni

Joseph Kosuth

Neon in Contextual Play

Galleria Mazzoleni

Videography, Documentation

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Videography, Documentation

Direction: Matteo Frittelli
Camera: Gabrio Bellotti
Video editing: Ginevra Gatti
Production: Smiling Sisters
Year: 2017


The parallel exhibition of Colour in Contextual Play, entitled Neon in Contextual Play is devised by Joseph Kosuth especially for the Mazzoleni Turin space. Turin is particularly important for Kosuth for being the location of his first solo exhibition in Italy, “15 Locations 1969/70 Art as Idea as Idea 1966 – 1970”, in 1970. Moreover, as Arte Povera was arguably one of Turin’s major contributions to art history, with many of the artists within the group calling it home, it seemed a fitting schema for Kosuth to create a second project with his neon works alongside those by Arte Povera artists who also used the industrial material from the late 1960s. The two exhibitions together examine thoroughly the connections created from the dissemination of words, objects, colour and light that engender new perspectives of perception and interaction between language and reality.

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Joseph Kosuth, Neon in Contextual Play