Carlo Alfano // Tra l'io e l'altro

Carlo Alfano: tra l'io e l'Altro (2019)

Direction: Matteo Frittelli

Voice: Lino Musella

Music: Luca di Volo, Eleonora Tassinari

Camera: Alessandro Passamonti, Fabrizio Farroni

Video Editing: Fabrizio Farroni

Postproduction: Andrea Favia, Alessandro Cerretelli

Producer: Tania Caporaso

Client: Artecinema in collaboration with Archivio Alfano

The film retraces the oeuvre of Carlo Alfano by reconstructing a complete cross-section of the complex image of the Neapolitan artist who prematurely passed away in 1990. The documentary strives to approach an intense, elusive artistic path and deliberately refuses to provide definitions. The artist’s voice, interpreted by actor Lino Musella, guides us in the discovery of his works which arose from the constant tension in exploring the significance of representation, of painting, and, in a more philosophical sense, of the existence of man suspended on the undefinable threshold between ego and others. Tra l’Io e l’Altro inaugurated the 24th edition of the Artecinema Festival at San Carlo Theater in Naples.

I think one of the benefits of an interview is that it gives the person being interviewed information about the interviewer and, again, to the interviewee, some information about oneself.

– Carlo Alfano, 1974

Film screening at San Carlo Theater in Naples: