Prada Invites

Special Project, Video

Special Project, Video

Prada Invites is a series of projects in collaboration with outstanding creative minds revolving around the universe of nylon, the brand’s utilitarian fabric that upended conventions of luxury and became a foundational material of Prada today. The notion of Prada Invites encompasses an examination of the intersectionality of design, exploring unexpected conversations between different disciplines.

Direction: Matteo Frittelli
Camera: Matteo Frittelli, Fabrizio Spucches
Video editing:  Alessandro Cerretelli, Fabrizio Farroni
Postproduction: Andrea Favia, Alessandro Cerretelli, Alessandro Passamonti
Music: Luca di Volo
Client: April
Year: 2019

Cini Boeri

Elizabeth Diller

Kazuyo Sejima