Nathalie Harb

Résonant Shell

AlUla, Arabia Saudita

Photography, Documentation
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Photo: Agostino Osio
Photo Editing: Marco Dabbicco
Client: Balich Wonder Studio
Year: 2022

About the exhibition

The Resonant Shell (الصَدفة) is a new immersive art experience commissioned especially for the AlUla Wellness Festival 2022. Part sculpture and architecture, part soundscape and meditative space, this work offers a transformative experience.

This site-specific installation offers visitors a mini-retreat, a connected physical and spiritual experience, and a moment of deep resonance with AlUla’s extraordinary landscapes. Nestled within the AlUla Oasis, guests will find a tower of mudbrick and fabric connecting the ground and sky.

From a spiralling staircase entering a space of acoustic isolation, visitors can find meditative silence with artistic sound works inspired by AlUla – activated by a human’s presence at its core.