Nari Ward | Holding Patterns

October 2018

The Nari Ward performance named “Holding patterns” connects art, territory and social issues.
Two immigrates are shown in the typical tourist poses pretending to sustain the famous Pisa Tower in Piazza dei Miracoli. On their shoulders different amounts of locally produced leathers that emphasis their efforts to keep the position during time.
This work has been shown at Villa Pacchiani in Santa Croce sull’Arno in 2018.

Project: Nari Ward | Holding Patterns
Artist: Nari Ward
Curator: Ilaria Mariotti
Production company: Alto Piano
Cinematography: Matteo Frittelli
Operator: Gabrio Bellotti
Assistant: Gioele Frittelli
Editing: Ginevra Gatti
Grading: Andrea Favia
Client: Galleria Continua