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Videography, Documentation

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Videography, Documentation

Direction: Matteo Frittelli
2nd unit: Fabrizio Farroni, Gabrio Bellotti
Assistant editor: Fabrizio Farroni
Music: Luca Di Volo
Percussion performance: Bandao
Year: 2013

About the exhibition

This exhibition springs from a text of the same name written by the artist and published by the Galleria Giorgio Persano in
1976—a book listing 100 imagined exhibition projects written during the month of October that same year. While the artist
favored the book as his medium of choice for this work in the 1970s, this book is now scattered throughout the rooms of the
old paper mill and the artist’s words now transform themselves and become visible to the visitor capable of believing in an
epiphany of the Word.

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Galleria Continua, Centro mostre