Sol Lewitt | Between the lines | Fondazione Carriero

February 2018, Milan

Between the Lines, an exhibition curated by Francesco Stocchi and Rem Koolhaas and organized in close partnership with the Estate of Sol LeWitt.
One decade after the death of Sol LeWitt (Hartford, 1928 – New York, 2007), “Between the Lines” aims to offer a new perspective on the American artist’s practice, exploring its confines — though always adhering to the underlying norms and principles of his ideas — and singling-out the most interesting moments of the method of investigation and the processes that may arise. With a considerable body of work spanning his entire career – from 7 famous Wall Drawings to 15 sculptures – and starting from the peculiarities of the rooms at the Foundation, the exhibition explores the relationship between LeWitt’s work and architecture.
“Between the Lines” is based on a powerful and innovative key to interpretation, aimed above all at reformulating the idea that a work must adapt to the architecture, thereby challenging the very notion of site-specificity. With the collaboration by the architect Rem Koolhaas—as a curator, for the first time ever—in dialogue with the curator Francesco Stocchi, “Between the Lines” faces broad aspects of LeWitt’s oeuvre, with the ambitious goal of moving beyond the division that traditionally separates architecture and art history and which characterizes the artist’s entire body of work, aimed more at the process than at the final result, free from any aesthetic or idealist opinion.

Project: Sol Lewitt | Between the lines | Fondazione Carriero
Photo: Agostino Osio
Retoucher: Marco Dabbicco, Jacopo Nocentini