Fashion Show

Fashion Show, Video, Photo

Fashion Show, Video, Photo

For each brand, fashion shows represent the key moment. The culmination of a complex and creative process full of experimentation, research and determination. Hundreds of high qualified professionists working incessantly for entires weeks, conveing all their efforts in very unique event, the show. We are deeply aware that each show is worth to be enhanced and communicated to the fullest.

Live events

We direct and plan the live documentation of fashion shows.
We believe it’s important to reach a comprehensive and engaging rendition of the show, through a complex ad-hoc camera plan.
Camera Plans Picture


Enhancing the narrow moment of a show releasing atmosphere, suggestions and engaging hints.

Fashion Film

To catch the opportunity of a show, to produce an engaging fashion film that conveys the mood of the new collection and the atmosphere of the event.

Fashion Photos

All the models ready to be shot while emerging from the show’s unique atmosphere.

Empty Space Documentation

A proper and comprehensive rendition to enhance the perception of a great effort.