2×4 | 24h Kitchen Samsung

April 2019, Milan

Around the clock, the kitchen is a centerpiece of creative production. There is no other room in the home where so much is planned, produced, and shared.

For the 2019 Fuorisalone in Milan, 2×4 partnered with Samsung to produce a 24hr. Kitchen. The installation celebrated the centrality of the kitchen in everyday life. Comprised of three abstract kitchens, the space was linked by a ribbon-like central counter that wound its way through three distinct environments: morning, day, and evening. Each space suggested the forms of typical kitchens accented with playful bas-relief walls that featured a wild array of the tools and accoutrements essential to creative work in the kitchen, complemented by Samsung’s sophisticated kitchen technology.

Atop the continuous counter, artist Laila Gohar created a linear display of ingredients in transition that highlighted the wild flights of fancy that transform raw material into edible art. In the morning, grains were coaxed into a panoply of baked carbohydrates, afternoon found an avalanche of tomatoes reimagined, and evening was a landscape of sugar, spun and sculpted—all the result of the alchemic, and elemental, processes of cooking.

Project: 2×4 | 24h Kitchen Samsung
Photo: Agostino Osio
Postproduction: Marco Dabbicco
Client: 2×4